Pabasa 2010

This isn’t one of those super serious holy week things. Well actually It should be, It used to be, but as years passed by our pabasa is no longer like the traditional super-serious-mabagal-and-super-nakakaantok-na-pang-matatanda-lang activity.

A little background first. Pabasa is one of the activities done during the holy week by most communities in the Philippines since way way back in history. Until now, some communities especially those in the provinces still do this together with other holy week activities such as Visita Iglesia, Stations of the Cross and other things that would serve as their penitensiya.

The pabasa is done to reminisce the life of Jesus Christ thus it is also known as the “Pasiong Mahal”. Basically, all you have to do is to sing (yes! sing.) the text in the book. The Pasiong Mahal is written in such a way that each line has the same number of syllables like a poem so it can be easily sang once you get the tune. I’m not really sure but as I see it, our family does our annual pabasa not because of our faith or religion. It’s more of a family tradition for us. We’ve been having this pabasa since I was a baby.

I was just wondering if we wouldstill be able to continue this tradition 10-15 years from now. Hopefully we could. Kayo, What’s your family tradition during Lenten Season?