Gay Lingo

I have lots of gay friends, so I am quite familiar with their language. Let me enumerate some of it and I’ll use it in a sentence. :D
  • wiz/wit - no
Ang gwapo mo! (You’re so handsome!)
Wit! *it must be prolonged*
  • portugal - you’re taking too long
Ang portugal mo! (You’re so slow!/ You’re taking too long!)
  • chot/charing/chorva/chorvalu/charot/chos - any word / joke
Ang chorva/chorvalu mo! (You are so *any adjective*!)

Ang baho mo! Chot/Charing. (You smell bad! Joke.)
  • kanemochi - money/rich (from the japanese word ‘kanemochi’ which means ‘rich man’)
Wala akong kanemochi. (I don’t have money.)
  • gora - go
Pwedeng pumasok? (Can I go inside?)

Gora na!
  • keme/keri - so-so/it’s okay
Masarap ba yang pagkain? (Does the food taste delicious?)
Keri lang. (Tastes okay.)

There are lots of other terms but I can’t think of them right now and some of it are “bastos” like “waing nyoda akis!” hahahaha! Ahh I love my gay friends! They’re the best! They’re not the gays who are so irritating and annoying; they’re fierce and cool!