I hate meaningless, irrelevant and pointless Fan Pages!

Fan pages could have been an interesting feature of Facebook. Maybe they could have been a more creative way to express and discuss one’s interests and influences. But all these fan pages really do is fan the flames of excessive Facebook users, whose numbers are growing rapidly. If you’ve seen Facebook lately, “becoming a fan” is old news. Now Facebookers are offered to “like” those hundreds of pages instead. Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against the people who do this. It’s the way of thinking that annoys me. Must there be a fan page for every mindless and obvious thought that goes through people’s heads? For every immature joke, for every cheesy song quote? Worse yet, do you notice what some of the creators of these pages say? They flood the already-pointless page with irrelevant posts like “how was everyone’s day?” or “the 100th comment on this status wins!, and GOD those Fan Pages that has LOOOOOOONG titles!” It makes me question the reasons this bored Facebook user felt the need to create a page. It seems like with each new feature, Facebook becomes less a way to communicate with friends and more a way to waste time by playing games and socializing with complete strangers. All I ask of Facebook users is that they examine the heaping pile of fan pages listed on their profiles, read a few mindless comments on some of them and ask themselves how much they actually care about what these strangers are saying.