Ok, so here’s a shocker.

My friend has all the characteristics of a gay person. I have no problems with gay people, but my friend is kinda like a “paminta” which means pa-men, trying-hard maging lalake. I was kind of worried about that, so I/we asked him, straight out, “are you gay?” and he got defensive. Of course, he denied it, obviously showing signs that he wasn’t comfortable with the conversation, or his sexuality. So I decided to revisit my memories, and learned a few things. There’s a pretty short list but, it’s still a list:
  • He admitted on several occasions he thinks he’s bi or metro sexual, without knowing the meaning of course.
  • He has a huge crush on this guy in school, He screamed when this guy is dancing.
  • He has concealer, lip gloss and a face powder in his bag.
  • Maarte, Yes! he is maarte, talks maarte, acts maarte.
Now, I still wanna be his friend but I want him to be true. Gays are cool. :D