Random things about me

  • I still have my pillow which I used when I was infant, I named it “meow” because it is kinda fuzzy, small, and soft.
  • I’m eager to learn something new and try it with my best even though my best isn’t enough I guess.
  • I never went to any prom.
  • I am critic. I criticize anything that’s why I also entertain criticisms of course.
  • I’ve been an avid fan of Evanescence.
  • I still dream of working abroad or even in a well-known TV network here in Philippines.
  • I wore various colorful clip-clips on my hair when I was a kid.
  • I don’t usually use face powder and even kikay things. When I took up a quiz about “How girl you are?” on facebook, the result was I was a “tomboy” lol!
  • I’m allergic to dust, It indeed makes my eyes and nose irritated. When I say this, somebody would immediately react “arte!” damn!
  • I love eating sopas! Yah! I could survive in a great hunger strike basta my sopas.
  • The most irritating part of my life is when I always found myself benevolent to others that I almost become “tanga” na.
  • I collect Armando Caruso handkerchief even I’m in the red or even flat broke haha!
  • Some people call me “siopao” because of my rounded cheeks.
  • I’m very vocal when it comes to sex issues.
  • I love reading one’s blog.