There is happiness in doing nothing

WHEN was the last time you sat back and did nothing? A little mindless indulgence, a daydream or two can help make you a little bit happier. Block out your morning schedule. Sit on your couch. Put your feet up. Gaze into the ceiling and let your mind wander. Do nothing. When on vacation, resist the urge to pack your days with wall-to-wall itineraries. Checking those must-see sites is indeed an experience, but so will hanging out idly to a cafĂ©, order your favorite drink. Resist the urge to hook up to wi-fi. Take in the scenery, people-watch. Enjoy the sensuality of doing nothing. “What a waste of time!,” one may think. I think otherwise. After all, you’re spending time with yourself, aren’t you? Making time for yourself is hardly wasted time. By doing nothing, you connect with yourself quietly, meaningfully. Do you find it hard to do nothing? Perhaps you are feeling too restless?

Here are some doing-nothing ideas.
  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Focus on your breathing and let your stress melt away with each exhale.
  • Take a slow-motion bath, do some slow-motion shampooing and body pampering.
  • Go for a coffee break. Sip your drink and enjoy its sweetness, its bitterness. Gaze absent-mindedly into your cup or at the scenery.
  • Take a walk. Walk aimlessly. See where your feet take you. If you’d rather not walk, grab a light comedy film and pop it in your DVD. Throw in some popcorn for some absent-minded but enjoyable chewing.
  • Do not plan anything. See where your day takes you. If you find yourself staying home painting your nails or listening to music all day, well and good. During any of these moments, do not think of anything else! Indulge in the nothing-ness of the moment. You’ll feel lighter, calmer, more connected with yourself. And doesn’t that make you happier? There IS happiness in doing nothing at all.