Typical Night Life

It’s 2:00 AM. You’ve been lying awake since 11:00, when you turned out your light and prepared for bed. I’m going to sleep well tonight, you told yourself. Three hours later, after tossing and turning, getting up four times to “start over”, watching T.V. or reading a book, and checking the clock every ten minutes, you still aren’t sleeping. You can’t understand why sleep eludes you. Two more hours pass, and you begin to bargain with the devil, willing to sell your soul for a few hours of sleep. Then the sun shows up. Your head feels fuzzy, you may feel a little sick to your stomach. It’s vacation I have no classes, you say to yourself. You look like a zombie, anyway. The day passes in a fog - you’re irritable, can’t concentrate, feel helpless and hopeless. At least I’ll sleep better tonight, you convince yourself. Bedtime rolls around again. You feel exhausted, but sleep won’t come. The whole nightmare repeats itself.