PDA on Facebook

I have a friend that is annoying the crap out of me on Facebook. Yes they are in love, but they don’t need to advertise it for the whole of Facebook. There is such a thing as personal messaging too you know, why not just send your partner a private message if you really do feel the need to proclaim your love? Some things should just be kept personal and not shared with the world, and there should be a limit to the amount of PDA you do on Facebook. You and your partner are not the only two people on Facebook and you need to remember that sometimes too much PDA could make others uncomfortable. So be mindful of others on your Facebook page, and remember that a little PDA or sweet note left on your partner’s Facebook wall occasionally is alright, but going over the top about it is a big no-no. I’ve decided to “hide” her posts. I’m not asking for any kind of advice here, I just thought I’d spread the nausea around.