Subject Matter

ANATOMY: How I wish I could not fail this subject. I actually love it even if It’s soooo hard to draw a portrait of a human. We started drawing the basic foundation of the face, which is the skull. Then we go on to the next layer which is the muscle. And the last, Prof. Ponce (which happened to be a great professor) wanted us to make a portrait of a human. Front view, side view, tapos iba’t-ibang angles na. (girl and boy) Ha! It was fun actually at ngayon sa torso na kami.

COLOR THEORY: In Color theory I always hope for the best, but I do prepared for the worst. I can’t stand mixing the poster color in one try, so I do it all over again. I’m not afraid to fail because I know that great warriors have fought countless wars. If ever I fail this subject, FINE! I can always try again. hahaha. But I know my parents would kill me if I do fail my major subjects at ayoko din and besides hindi yan. Sus! Haha!

DRAWING FUNDAMENTALS 2 : I do believe that I have the talent to draw. But hell! I always think that I’m not good enough but my plates in this subject are pretty good. Matataas naman ang grades or baka mataas lang talaga magbigay yung Prof. ko. Whatever. Basta I’m almost 100% certain that I’m going to pass this subject.

MECHANICAL DRAWING: I really hate measurements because that includes MATH. hahaha. At first I found our first plate sobrang sisiw. But later on, nahirapan na kong mag-sukat. Especially when we need to find the reference angle of a sudden measure. I wish I had an extra patience for this subject.

LITERATURE : I read to get ideas and enhanced my writing prunes. A lot of people are blind not to see the value of literature. People just want things to be faster and easier, they’d rather watch a movie than read a book, but they fail to realize that they are missing one of the life’s greatest offering. Kaso wala akong natututunan sa subject na to. Swear! Haha! Yung Prof. ko kasi parang gago lang. Mabilis magsalita. Paulit-ulit. At pag sinabi ko na paulit-ulit. Literally, na paulit-ulit.

It’s not easy being a student. Especially if you are a fine arts student. You need to pass those many plates, review for the minors and attend some events every now and then. (not me, wala kong pakialam sa mga events events talaga. :D) So that’s the latest news in my life as an art student. Yun lang!