Wish List

I realized writing this post might generate an opposite effect than what I was hoping for, but I mean, since this is my blog and all, I might just let myself out. I mean, come on, this is the only time in the year where I can be selfish. Haha! I think I should start on the things that mean something and could make me happy indeed if they were to come true next month. I’m not expecting any or all to be given but it is after all a wish list. I will categorize the items into two, tangible and non-tangible items.

NON-TANGIBLE (Personal Wishes)

I hope my Papa would learn to lessen (because total removal is impossible) of his vices. I doubt this would come true until he realizes the importance of him letting go of his vices. His health can really scare me at times but if he wouldn’t help himself, I cannot do anything for him either. I’m leaving fate and prayers on this.
For my mom, Please Please let me have a tattoo and I’ll do whatever you want. (really?) Kahit na magbantay ako kay Yanna all day. :D
Kuya and Ate, Please don’t get married yet. Haha!
I wish my friends good health and life. Old ones and new, those who were once in the shadows and had now come to light, thank you for just being there even if not physically. I really thank the Internet existed for us to communicate.
For my relatives, abroad, I wish you health and happy life.
For my neighbors, thank you for the help you have given to my family. I wish we were able to help you too when you needed aid. I wish your lives will be good and healthy.
I’m really getting cheesy. I can feel tears forming in my eyes. #sniff sniff

TANGIBLE ITEMS (Gifts! Yay!) As much as possible, avoid pink. :D Pink is okay but if I get drowned in pink, OMG! :D

Porcelain dolls are the next items I want to have a collection! They’re so cute!
Colorful lady handkerchiefs (Dahil nawawala ko lahat ng hanky ko!) Don’t worry, I don’t believe on those superstitions that when you give handkerchiefs as gifts, the receiver will forever cry.
A bouquet of fresh flowers. Especially tulips, I adore those. But I know they’re expensive. So others will be fine.
Accessories (earrings, bracelets, necklaces).
You could treat me in Mang Larry’s Isaw sa UP (I just had to add this up because it’s food related! Ahahaha! You guys probably know my food trips!)
Clothes will be nice. Even cardigans, beanies will be great!
A fictional book. Amaze me with your choice.
Cute cross body bags.
The next set of list is the expensive wish list. I don’t expect any of these but hey, it is MY WISH LIST. And wishes are free!

DSLR that I can call mine. Woot! Para hindi na ko nanghihiram sa Kuya ko.
A new laptop. So I could definitely play Sims 3. Haha!
Blackberry Bold 9770. OH! DEAR! I really want this. I don’t like Iphone4 para kasing di ko yun malalabas dahil nakakatakot manakaw.
Someone to sponsor the shades I love in i2i Eyewear. (ata yun)
My own room. So I can paint my walls ng hindi pinapagalitan ni Mama.
Fisheye No 2 Pink
Oh before I forget, there is one more wish I would really, really, really love to happen is to enjoy my day meron man regalo, handa or wala. *head spin* Yay! Ahahaha! Come to think of it, this is the first birthday wish-list I’ve ever made in my whole life. :D So this is how it feels like to make one.