Thank You to All Who Greeted Me.

I am dedicating a post to thank those who greeted me yesterday.

With much sincerity and happiness I thank everyone who greeted me during my birthday. I was not expecting to do anything special and I was even preparing myself to make the day a very normal day but all the txt messages, calls and Facebook messages forced me to see this day as a very special and memorable one. You, everyone are the reason my birthday was made special. It is very overwhelming and touching to know people remembered and took even a little time and effort of to greet me. I would love to reply to each message (specially on Facebook) personally pero sobrang dami nyo. Hehe. Thank you to my Mama, and Papa, mga Ate, Kuya, cousins, Tita/Tito, neighbors, classmates and friends I have met along the way. And to those who I don’t know personally but still took the time to leave me a greet. Smoochies and Hugs to you! Take care and God Bless people! :)

Last night with my cousins and friends. :)