Escape to real life

A friend asked me. What reason do you have for spending hours of your life staring at the printed page? Well, I can escape from the mundane moments of everyday life to many adventures, great or small, in mere minutes. I can curl up in my bed, with the covers drawn high, and take a vacation in my mind to far off places with exotic plants, animals, and people! I can fly on the back of a dragon, turn my boyfriend into a toad, marry a prince, save a kingdom, cast a spell, swing a sword, talk to the gods. Reading makes anything possible, dreams come true, your imagination takes flight and your problems fade as you take on the problems of those you are reading about. Basically, reading makes even the impossible, possible and that gives you hope. I love the way certain authors describe everything so that you can see it, yet at the same time leave room for you to imagine, create it yourself and books never really end, they're always there, waiting to be brought back to life again.