Jesus is not coming back. Because He never left.

We're going to him. He is not coming to get us. He's just gonna open the portal for us to go through. Do you honestly think He will come in riding on clouds? Do you really think that’s going to happen? Or do you think He is standing right next to you, wondering why you can’t see Him? Sometimes I just let my soul fly. It created incredible stuff in my life. I would find that there were so many things around us that are completely invisible. This world is just one slice of life. And the slices go on forever. There is no beginning and no end. God is a limitless being, perfectly good, and perfectly true, incapable of mistake and loving of all things and beings. Next time someone says they are waiting for Jesus to return, tell them to get on their knees first. Without some genuine, hard core, direct prayer to our Savior, that person will never achieve a single thing worthwhile. They will just keep running around spouting off about events that are not worth concentrating on. You might think I’m knocking Revelations. I’m not. I’m knocking peoples’ typical perspective on it, which is usually frivolous and silly. If you look at that book the way it should be looked at, you will receive one big lesson. ONE. What is it? Get your butt in gear before God does it for you.