Black Swan

Finally watched Black Swan. So goood! Now where must I begin to hyperventilate about this movie? Let me just start it with saying “NATALIE PORTMAN IS SUCH A GODDESS” asdfjkl!@#$% so beautiful!! Is it just me or she kinda looks like Keira Knightley? Anyway, what I love about this movie is the twisted plot. Very good! I love movies that keep you wondering and build up curiosity until the very end. I kept asking in my mind throughout the movie "Where will the plot go from here?" "Will Nina succeed to bring out the ‘black swan’ in her?" "WTF is happening? is she having a double-personality or is someone drugging her so that she kept seeing those hallucination?" "Will the Swan Lake show be successful?" Etc. I’m telling you, I had a lot of questions going on in my mind while I was watching it. I didnt see any bland moment, the plot went very well, not a single wasted dialog and scene well thats the way i see it, since i’m no movie expert, I could be wrong but to me, I enjoy every scene and convo between the characters. So thumbs up for Black Swan! Well, the movie has adult scenes too which excites me, of course. Hahaha! The thing I regret after watching this movie is the ending. If you want to watch this movie, dont expect a happy ending and prepare yourself for a very twisted ending.