Pet Peeves

This is a list of the petty annoyances in no particular order.
  • When someone mumbles, then gets annoyed and says “Never mind” when I really didn’t hear them.
  • I can't stand when people walk slow. When walking through a crowded store, amusment park, at a crosswalk, or anywhere else for that matter, if you want to take your time, move over to the side rather than making other people run around you just to walk at a decent pace.
  • Those who falsely accuse me of things. If you accuse me of something I will probably go do it.
  • Religious fanatics who try to push their religion on other people.
  • People that seem to believe that because I either choose not to go to church or choose not to go to theirs that I am a beneath them!
  • Watching the time tick away while you’re awake in bed knowing you have to get up early in the morning.
  • Mothers who don’t even make an attempt to breastfeed. Sure, maybe it’s your personal choice and I can’t argue that, however, I’m still allowed to be pissed off by it.
  • When piercings close up when you take them out for an hour.
  • People who take WAY to many pictures of themselves.
  • People who are always annoyed! Despite having a lot of fun writing this list, I get annoyed with people who are always annoyed.
So as much as I am annoyed, I also love faster computers and internet services, people who ask me how I am and mean it, having a cell phone to talk on while I am stuck in traffic so I can chat and be on other peoples list of people that annoy them, people who know I know what they are talking about, salesmen who know what they are talking about and actually help me and people who despite being annoyed manage to be optimistic.