Sound and Water Waves

Beach outing was a beautiful way to start our summer in. Our entire family went on a trip in Nasugbu, Batangas. It was our first time to see the place and we were awed in the natural beauty that surrounds it. The place is far out of the city and the sand is very fine. It was a gruelling four/five hour ride but it was worth it. We were able to rent an air-conditioned rooms at affordable prices and before we leave we spotted a fisherman selling lobsters.

11 lobster for 1,800Php. I don't know if that is cheap or expensive, but I think lobsters here in Manila sells higher.

The water is crystal clear and the temperature was just right and the waves not as strong. It was perfect for dipping and cooling down.

We had a good time even it's too windy! I felt like I had been sand-blasted by the time we left. Oh! Nothing really beats the sound of waves crashing softly.

We stopped by Tagaytay on our way home and enjoyed the view of Taal. :)