Fast Five

Went out to see Fast Five with my brother and sister (and her boyfriend). For the longest I've been looking forward to watching this movie and let me just say it didn't disappoint. It was a little more than two hours long, but it was really good with their engine, driving like crazy, and the story line just keep going on and on. There wasn't a lot of racing in this one. Which some people may find a little disappointing, but I still really liked it. The non-stop action will really take all your attention. I never had a dull moment. NEVER (not even a single minute)!

Massive spoiler alert. I hate when people are magically brought back after it's been established that they are dead. It cheapens their death and the grief that the characters/audience felt. Haay.. So apparently Letty didn't die, and that she is alive somewhere, and on the run.

Anyone smell a Fast and Furious 6?