No Strings Attached

Ashton Kutcher is one sexy hunk (Evidently I have a big crush on him – who doesn't?) I did truly enjoy seeing those cute ass.. best I stop here before I get carried away! He was also surprisingly good in this movie, his chemistry with Natalie Portman was good and his ability to play his character as equal-parts pathetic/funny yet likeable was also impressive. I especially liked when he gets drunk and calls girls in his address book to see if any will hook up with him! Hilarious. It is a romantic comedy, and I don’t know why these people are so shocked on how the movie played out. There was a lot of “Oh my god, did they really just say that?” moments but it was all in good fun. It kept me entertained and it was really cute. It was a different aspect on relationships because there are women out there who are afraid to get close to men and this portrays that very well. All in all I really liked this movie and I think if you don’t have a good, open sense of humor, you shouldn’t go see it and if you do, then don’t post how much you hated it. You knew what you were going in to.

Best quote: “Its like a crime scene in my pants!”
Rating: I'd give it a 5