Purple Ribbon

Okay so the question in my mind right now is "HOW DO I START THIS DAMN THING?" Haha! Okay, let me start this by saying I AM PRO. Most of the people that are against this RH Bill are from the Catholic Church. Nuns, Priests, and Church People. I don’t actually get their point when they’re saying that this RH Bill is against the law of God. They were saying that it is against life and it is disrepectful. I was like, you ain’t lose you faith by approving this RH Bill. You don’t break God’s laws by approving it. You don’t approve abortion by approving the RH Bill. How are you supposed to kill a child or destroy a life when the SPERM CELL AND THE EGG CELL didn't even meet? Ugh! I hate seeing people in my age carrying babies, their own babies. You see 16 to 17 year old girls walking along the streets, carrying little babies. And what’s more disturbing is their situation. They don’t have the capacity to support these babies. RH bill is not about contraceptives alone, it is about giving the women their rights to choose what they want. Another reason why I want this bill to be passed is what the people against it are saying. You can actually laugh at it. Seriously. I may have said enough but that's not all, I still have a lot of stuff going on my mind and I can't express them all here because my words are not enough anymore.