It wasn't part of my plan to watch a movie today, especially those types whose characters are based on a comic book. I've never been a fan of Marvel (except for Spiderman, though), but after watching Thor with Kuya today, I thought otherwise. You don't have to be a comic book fan to enjoy this amazing movie. It reminds me of Wansapanataym where the protagonist has to go through a lot just so he can learn a lesson. A typical story about sibling rivalry (two princes fighting over the throne). Amazing movie effects! Cinematography was A+! Fast-paced fighting scenes. Sometimes, all I can see are metals crashing against each other. LOL. Really hilarious! In my opinion, the funniest was the Petshop scene where Thor was asking for a horse. Watch the movie and you'll see what I mean. Movie character I like the most: Darcy Lewis, Jane's assistant scientist. Funny girl and can I just say, Chris Hemsworth is just so heavenly. The ending was hanging. Post-credits scene showed that Thor's adopted brother, Loki, was on Earth. So might as well expect a Part 2 for this movie.

Overall movie rating: 5 STARS! :)