Rainy Season

This is the time when everyone love to sleep all day. But, rainy season also means hassle if you are going to school or office, especially when you don't have your own car. As a FEU student, we all know that we experience great floods during rainy season. So, I have some tips to enjoy the rainy season.
  1. Always bring an umbrella and jacket. This will protect you from the rain.
  2. Have a sip of hot coffee or soup anytime in the day while listening to a mellow music.
  3. Increase your intake of ascorbic acid for your defense against common colds.
  4. Bring slippers with you when you go to school or office. Wear it whenever it's raining hard or flooding. Basta yung mumurahin lang.
  5. Lastly, have a person to hug. Haha! Kung wala pillow na lang. :)