The Way Back

This movie is insane. The Russians were monsters during the war and to see the Siberian camps portrayed in this film was eye opening. After watching this epic movie, it really gave me an interesting visual as to what they may have been like. Obviously this movie couldn’t possibly capture the actual horror of these hell holes but it was interesting. The story is amazing because it shows how desperately some people want to live and what lengths they are willing to go to survive. What’s even more incredible is that even during this miserable march across a continent they still looked out for each other and didn’t abandon anyone when things were looking bleak. It’s a great human story.The acting in this movie is really good. Colin Farrell is a nasty motherfucker. Ed Harris plays a hard ass like he tends to do and Saoirse Ronan and Jim Sturgess are so amazing as per usual. This is a really great movie that I wouldn’t say is action packed but it is pretty enthralling. Massive landscapes and a grueling human story. I really enjoyed this movie.