Dear Future Me,

I have been meaning to write this letter for quite some time now. But something was holding me back. It was the thought of coming across this letter (in the future) in the middle of an ordinary day, in the midst of ordinary things, and discovering that I have not even come close to what I half-expected you to be. But today seems different. Today, I have the courage to have this comfortable conversation with myself. In time, I hope you have learned to slow down and see life’s colors. There is much more to life than those paper works. I hope you’re still insane and you still have all those friends who keep you that way. Make time for them. Make sure that before the year ends, you have had the chance to drink coffee or have dinner with them. I wonder, how many of these friends have you lost? Do you have new friends? I sure hope so. Because the moment you stop collecting friends, I know that you have stopped putting yourself out there, trying new things, going to new places, learning from other people. I want you to be more faithful. Do not allow your struggles to hamper your confidence. Trust not in yourself, but in Him that knows what you desire and what you deserve. I do not want you to weigh more than 60 kilos. Exercise must be a part of your system by now. Drink milk. You need it. I want you to pamper yourself once in a month. Stop making your work an excuse for almost everything. Well, it does not mean you make everything else an excuse for your work. The point is, have time for yourself. Get enough sleep. I want you to call Mama and Papa more often, I know for a fact that they miss you terribly (Assuming that you're outside the country.) By this time, I hope you have finally read more than 70% of the books on the books-that-you-must-read-before-you-die list. Ok, I won’t feel bad if you just read 60% of it. Do I want you to be more prim and proper? Nah. I’m okay with that. After all, I am prim and proper when I’m with people who do not know me. Besides, mas jologs, mas masaya, remember? I want you to travel more. And pack light. Know the essentials. That goes for travelling and everything else in life. If God has granted you a family now, I want you to be the best mother to your children and the best wife to your husband. Prepare their meals. Make sure that you have their clothes ready for school and for work. Listen to them. Surprise them once in a while and give them a reason to smile each day. Prove to them that your love is unconditional, that they may know of this love, and share this to the world. Consider this your random act of kindness to humanity. If not, continue to pray and believe. Be more passionate, more loving, more brave, more optimistic. In the end, I just want you to be a better version of who I am today.

1:55AM-July 11, 2011 (I want to read this again before I go 6-feet under.)