A little update on my life.

It started raining right before I left for school, and it is still raining right now. But I was actually pretty happy today even with the rain. Classes were suspended after 12:00PM so NO LAYOUT CLASS! I only had NatSci class this morning. I was supposed to go to Gateway with my friends earlier, but I had to cancel it in the end because I just want to lay in my bed and play Diner Dash. Yeah! I'm proud of my lazy ass! Haha! So obviously it was raining the whole day. Classes from pre-school to high school tomorrow have already been suspended but there's no news about College. Actually, I'm hoping for suspended classes again/always since it'll be good to have another day to rest and "study." Haha. I just hope that no one's going to be affected by typhoon Juaning. (Also I hope that no one was affected by last night's earthquake too. Especially the people in Iba, since I heard that the epicenter was close to that city.)