BER months.

Tomorrow will be the 1st day of –ber months. As a kid, I was so excited when September comes. I was expecting for the cold wind to touch my skin. Christmas songs will start playing on the radio. An old tradition our local djs do, to wake us up and tell us, Christmas is just about to make its warm presence felt, again. And I love it when I hear Christmas songs and Jose Mari Chan on the radio. It just gives me this relaxing sensation. Anyway, I am very looking forward to Christmas this year. I have wishes inside my chicken little brain already but I don't want to divulge them yet. For now, I am secretly counting the days and praying for happy and good things to arrive (like a 6 year old kid), now that it's the start of ber months once again. Anyhoo, it's just nice to look forward to something. I dunno yet if my secret wishes will be granted but just the thought of them, they add up to my happy cells already and what can be a greater feeling than that? :)