I just might fall.

There’s a guy on my mind, not too fresh yet not ancient either, but maybe it’s that stirring of the heart again. For all I know he could be taken, but so be it. I never got a choice when it comes to who I’m in love with anyways. :( He doesn’t know how much I care when he’s the only one I talk to, the only guy I bother to text, the one guy whose texts always make me smile. He doesn’t know he’s special. I don’t see him often at all, which is quite disappointing, but I’m getting by just fine.
So close, just so damn close.

Got my back against the wall,
Feels like I’m standing 10 feet tall,
On the ledge, so close to call,
But if you push, I just might fall…
- Brian Mcknight, Fall 5.0