The Art Major.

It upsets me so much when people think art majors have it “easy” and degrade centuries of skilled aesthetic professions. Granted, we may appear to have a more carefree outlook in life, but that does not mean our work is any easier then the next person. People tend to discredit all our efforts to make the world a more colorful and brilliant place. It’s an ongoing battle for me, since my bestfriends don’t take me as seriously, because art to them is not academic subject that is valuable or useful. (Uh, well, not exactly but that's how I think they think it is.) Philippines is a superficial society in comparison to other countries, most Pinoy care about their appearance (and this is where fashion comes into the equation). Fashion does not come out of nowhere nor does it does not magically produce itself. It takes endless work days for many months to design a clothesline by these carefully trained artists.