Doing Nothing

It's crazy that people actually read this blog. Sadly, I didn't have the time to blog anymore ever since I entered my second year of college. Either my life got more exciting or had more things that should be left private. I planned to do a monthly recap last sembreak but I'm not sure what I actually did at that time that I wasn't able to make time for it either. But somehow this Christmas break when people should be busy with reunions and Christmas parties, I am left here at home doing nothing. My greatest achievement so far after 1 week of Christmas vacation is that I finished wrapping gifts for my inaanaks. Haha! Not that I have too much in my to-do list for this Christmas break. In fact, this is the only thing I wrote in my non-existent list and I'm done.

So what to do? Aha! Time to continue doing nothing. Gotta love Christmas break! Cheers!