Bestfriends forever and all that crap!

We were inseparable when we were younger. We liked the same things, and we spoke the same way. And in those common instances where we fought and shouted that we will never speak to each other again, we both knew that those wouldn't last, and we'd make up right before the day ends. We were the best of friends. But, things have changed. You started hanging out with another person. You found a new best friend in a short period of time and whenever we were alone, there was this awkwardness that hing in the air during our conversations. At some point, we became strangers to each other. I never really understood what happened. You might say we drifted apart, but to drift implies a certain longevity, this was more like a quick and quiet annihilation of a friendship. It seemed as if the changes happened overnight. As if I was suddenly a new person, or you were, or we both were, and we suddenly had no idea how to interact with each other. At some point, I thought we stopped being friends.