Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally Stressed.

I feel like the past few days my life has just collapsed onto itself. I’ve been sick to my stomach for days. I can barely eat or drink anything without just getting nauseous and throwing up. I hate that I stress myself out like this so often. I wish I could just stop worrying about everything but I can’t. I feel like I’ve just gone backwards the past few months. I went from being so happy and being so confident that I was going somewhere good and now I am just depressed. I know it is probably a cycle that will resolve itself but right now I just feel like crawling in bed and never getting out. I know things aren’t as bad as I make them seem but they seem bad to me. I am faced with a decision and I must "Choose Wisely". But who’s to say what the wise choice is? Who’s to say I won’t just make a decision and then just regret it shortly thereafter like i’ve done so many times before. Is it enough to just follow your feelings? If something doesn’t feel right, you probably shouldn’t do it. Dafuq!