Beach Bumming: Puerto Galera

It's summer time, so we're hitting the beach. Puerto Galera is the northwesternmost municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.

So, from Manila we took a JAM liner bus going to Batangas port which is a two hour drive. Then from Batangas port, we took an 65 capacity boat for about two hour sea travel just to reach the beautiful place of Oriental Mindoro.

This beach has been overrated since I can remember because of it’s widely commercialized status. Many just flock over to experience nightlife, the beach, the nature tour, and of course, the food which can all be achieved in less than 3 days. This is my first time here so expectations were quite high.

The food for me is OK. I would suggest that you lower your expectations when it comes to Puerto Galera food. There’s nothing really special but many food outlets here are quite affordable. With meals from 100-150 Pesos, you won’t go wrong and it’s fair enough. This establishment was pretty famous in the island because of their Unlimited Garlic Rice offering and it’s also open 24 Hours. They have a wide variety of rice meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All rice meals are valid for their Rice-All-You-Can promo.

On the beach, they have these cute Jetski Tables made of old unused Jetskis.

What is beach bumming without these colorful accessories to brighten your outfit? Vendors can customize these for you. Only for 5 pesos each.

The sunsets on this beach is almost always glorious, something I have come to expect on every trip. Just either lounging on the sandy beach or having a drinking session with friends along the beach bar toasting on Mindoro Sling while watching the sky turn from bright blue, to yellow, to having purple streaks going to deep dark blue. It's always fun to watch it while also trying to get drunk by the beach.

Fire dancers in Puerto Galera are captivating. They make it look so easy when it is actually a meticulous art of dancing judging from those frequent facial twitches and flexing of muscles as they suavely move, and sometimes contort their bodies while juggling a fire yo-yo.

More captured moments. :)
Ohai Thurr!
Beach Stuff
Checking Facebook eh?!
The Famous Mindoro Sling : )
Night Life
Waiting for the boat
One last look at the White Beach
All in all our stay at Puerto Galera was good enough. We had a wonderful time and we were able to take amazing photos so it was worth it. We’ll definitely go back here when there is a chance. It’s another great spot to de-stress and just relax without the hassle of long travel.


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