Obligatory Post (on grades)

We finally got our final grade in, so I guess I have to post about grades. Well, I survived my second year in College(obviously!). I’m happy to be done with this semester because it was just exhausting and is full of drama and shits. Sigh! Anyway, I’m currently on vacation and it’s so nice to actually sleep at your own time and pace and also to finally catch up with all those to-read books that have piled up. Since it’s vacation, the first thing that happens is I worry like hell about my grades. I’m not really “grade conscious” but this semester has been so stressful (because professors felt the need to drown us with plates after plates!) and I had no idea if all the effort in studying and finishing all my plates was worth it.

Lo and behold!
I guess I’m contented with my grades. Though, last sem I kicked ass, most of my grades were 1.5′s or 1.75′s pero sino naman hindi mageexcel kung 13 units ka lang? LOL! I swear, I’ll try to have no 2′s (and 3′s and 5′s) next school year. :)