Reality Really Bites

I wasn’t going to write anything about that 20 Reasons Why I Dislike The Philippines video, but with people on Facebook having heated fights about it, I figured what the hell.

First, let me just say the guy had a point. In fact, he had about 20. I, myself, wholeheartedly agree with every single one of them. That is not to say that I like the video and its host. The guy was one arrogant son-of-a-bitch, and I found him terribly offensive and annoying for using the F word so often. Never mind that he was a bit cute (or so my friend, Bhell, says. LOL!).


I suppose the main reason for the outrage is not so much as the issues he spoke of, but more of him and his white trailer-trash, douche-y delivery. If the whole production’s goal was to raise awareness, then they failed miserably the moment they put this Jimmy character with all his bravado and foul language in front of the camera. That, and when they left out the fact that Filipinos spit everywhere. Spitting should’ve made the list, instead of that bit about the MILF (which was really lame) and the Koreans (which would’ve been more appropriate in a video about why he dislikes Koreans; we should not be blamed for the Koreans).

Douchbaggery aside, however, this city - country, even - can, in fact, learn a lot from the issues that he talked about. I have the exact same complaints. And to think I was born and raised here. Heck, I’m still here! I just wish the “die-hards” would set aside their misplaced indignation and take it as an opportunity to face the truth. Being outraged for outrage’s sake is a bit childish, isn’t it?

Sadly enough, I can relate all too well to how every angry Filipino feels about this video. I have foreign relatives, who has a lot of things to say about the state of this country. It annoys the bejesus out of me like you wouldn’t believe, even when I do agree with them 100% of the time. This is probably because they're an outsider, foreigners, and I’m naturally inclined to defend what is mine - in this case, Philippines. It’s the same way that I get really pissed off when anyone tells me how lazy I am. I know it to be true, but it still makes me furious when someone else points out my unsavory qualities to me. It’s a defensive move because the truth does hurt. This truth hurts a lot.

I guess what I’m trying to say is people really should set aside their feelings and work to prove the Jimmies of the world wrong. I’m sure many of the guys who’ve expressed outrage have peed on the streets at least once, or are equally annoyed at those lazy-assed loiterers who expect a share of your hard-earned money for opening your taxi door. If you’re in a position to change things, do. If not, stop peeing, spitting, and littering - that’s already a very good start. I’m sorry if I sound preachy, but really, rage and anger will get you nowhere, you’re only making Jimmy win.

That is all. Don’t hate.