Looking For Alaska

Something I loved about this books is the author allowed the boys to show their emotions. More than once, they were allowed to cry. Yes, we all know boys can cry, but they also fight to hide these emotions. There is a scene after a particularly horrible event where Miles and The Colonel are standing in front of their car holding each other and crying, and it was so moving. Not once do they fear of what others might think about them. For this reason alone, I think teen boys should read this book.

My only problem with the book, and it was minor, was that when Miles finally admitted to himself that he loved Alaska, it felt like the timing was off. I get why he was attracted to her, but the “L” word was dropped a little too soon. I don’t really think he loved her anyway. He was drawn to her because she was everything he was not, but part of him wished he could be. I think he cared for her deeply. But there was not really a romantic relationship.

Lastly, and I hate to do this, but I have to issue a bit of a warning to some parents. There are a few things in this book which some sensitive parents might not like their teens reading, especially younger teens. I guess if you are someone who cares about these things, you might want to read it yourself first before you buy it for your kid.