Why do you keep popping up everywhere?

It's the weirdest thing ever. It probably doesn't mean anything that I keep seeing his name everywhere, more than usual actually. The thing is that now this boy keeps haunting me. Everything and everybody is a reminder of him, at first I thought it was just me being silly but its starting to get ridiculous. No matter how hard I try to ignore it seems like his name just keeps coming up the oddest ways. First, it was just friends speaking of other people with the same name. Then he started popping up in my dreams, in every movies, books and social networking sites. I see his name even when I don't neccessarily think of him. I dont know what is wrong with me, this has never happened to me and its crazy to me that a man could affect my life so much. I don't really believe that things happen for a reason, but I cant help but think that this is all happening for some crazy reason!? And its starting to drive me nuts.