Celebrated Mother’s Day roaming around Manila

Our happy feet took us first to Rizal Park (Children’s Playground), this place has been renovated by Mayor Lim. With only P10/head entrance fee, you can enjoy a whole day of fun under the sun.

Bring your own set of meals, ready your picnic basket and have your blankets ready. There are a number of tables and chairs inside the playground but it’s better to have this essential things in handy.

After lunch we proceeded to Manila Zoo upon Papa’s insistence (since Yanna, my niece, haven’t had the chance to visit it yet). The smell of poop and years’ accumulation of unsanitation greeted us upon entry of Manila Zoo. Disappointing, but hey, at least the animals looked okay (with okay being a relative term). I think Manila Zoo has so much potential as a tourist spot in Manila.

And now, photos of the animals in Manila Zoo:

Mali The Elephant

I’m terrified of lizards, but this little guy I found kinda cute. Emphasis on the “kinda”.

Crocodile with open mouth

A coiled snake

Sleeping tigers

I don’t remember the last time I was here. As a kid, I was happy going here seeing all the animals. But now that I’m older, it was a heartbreaking view, knowing that the animals are locked up inside the zoo. I just hope that zookeepers have enough fund and heart to take care of them.

Our last stop, Manila Ocean Park. We strolled in the Oceanarium and was fascinated by the wonders of the sea, It was indeed a breathtaking marine life exhibit I’ve ever seen.

It’s so hard to take photos under dim light without flash. I understand that they have rules of NO flash photography. Some fish are sensitive to lights.

A yellow seahorse. Sorry, I am not good at remembering scientific names.

Purdy Fish

“Why are you staring at me?” says the fish. :p

Edong or Spotted Garden Eel.

Of all the things I’ve seen at the Oceanarium, these ones are the most unforgettable! Whitespotted Bambooshark Eggs!
Sting Rays - Capturing photos of them made me tired because they’re all so fast. Don’t you just love how they look? They’re like smiling to everyone.

“Not all sharks looks scary” above photos can testify that. :)

I’m sure anyone who wants to have a great family bonding will be worthy spent here.

Eat, Play, Love - That’s how we celebrate Mother’s Day.