Cousin’s BIG DAY!

Well, I went to my cousin’s wedding earlier. They had a professional photographer so I tried (really hard) to stay out of the way but I can’t feeling ko nga inis na yung photographer sakin kasi nasisingitan ko sya. I tried panorama and failed. Haha!

The newly weds. Rakenrol lang!

Anyway, my cousin waited for this for so long (kahit nagbibiro pa sya na kunyari hindi na muna tuloy yung wedding. Haha! I know he really loves his wife) and I can see the happiness and contentment in his face. The wedding was appreciated by the family, relatives and friends who weren’t able to join them in their big day.

Work that sexy mustache! Haha!

Congratulations and Best Wishes, Kuya Eugene and Ate Arline! Keep the love burning!