Fifty Shades Darker

This is the second book in the series and we pick up where we left off with Christian and Ana. Ana finds herself in a new job and trying to cope with how things were left with Christian and a boss who is interested in more than just a working relationship.

The strongest part of this story is Christian who's multi-faceted with a darkness that you can't help but want to cure. Intermixed with that darkness is a charming boyishness that's sexy, along with moments of being overbearing. You can't help but like him and he truly gives everything to make Ana happy. Unfortunately, Ana isn't as multi-faceted. She still seems to be a bit childish with a tendency to pout and doesn't seem as willing to sacrifice as Christian to make their relationship work. The sexual encounters between these two are numerous and occupy a huge chunk of the story. It's basically the best way for Christian to communicate his real feelings and these moments do show a change to their relationship. There's a stronger sense of connection within these interludes.

There's a slew of secondary characters that we really don't get to know much about beyond the superficial. One especially appears to be a problem for the happy couple and he's already left an impact that's just beginning in this story. As a villain he feels a bit over the top, but then everything about this story is over the top.

I found this an entertaining read even though I have a love/hate relationship with this series. I can appreciate how excited readers are about this series even if I find it a bit too melodramatic at times. I still find myself drawn to Christian against my will and look forward to his finding peace and happiness.