Fifty Shades of Grey

I first came across Fifty Shades of Grey on Twitter, as endless tweets appeared from supermodels and the like, declaring their love for a book entitled Fifty Shades of Grey. At first, I shrugged off all curiosity thinking 'oh this must be the latest celebrity craze and in a couple of weeks time people will stop talking about this.

But as the weeks rolled on the commentary on E. L. James' trilogy ceased to stop. I was finally "enslaved", like Ana Steele into googling 'Fifty Shades of Grey', discovering that the genre of the book was a lot more exciting than I first thought. OH so this is why hoards of women are reading it, I thought as I came across a blurb for the book online. I'm not usually one to easily jump on the "bandwagon". But, this book struck me as exciting because it focused on a subject which is normally side-lined in literature and that's sex.

When have we ever read a book which explains a sexual encounter in such detail? The answer for most is probably never. A lot of authors skirt around "intimate encounters", simply hinting that a couple have sex. But Fifty Shades of Grey strikingly explains every detail.

As someone who has just recently finished reading the Fifty Shades trilogy all I have for this book is admiration. Yes, the book may not have the eloquent metaphors of classic literature, but its narrative is so utterly convincing and moving. I found it hard to put down each book in the trilogy because they are all so gripping.

LOVE it or LOATHE it the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has become a national bestseller, outselling the Harry Potter series on Amazon. So what do you think? Do you fancy a shade of grey or a shade of nothing at at all?