Graphika Manila Part 1

Because I am too lazy to explain what this event is, here’s a copy-pasted summary of what Graphika Manila is. Hehe!

“Graphika Manila International Multimedia Design Conference is the premier multimedia and graphic design event in the Philippines. Since 2006, Graphika Manila has attracted over 7500 design students and professionals and is now hailed as one of the most influential multimedia art events in the country. As it celebrates its sixth year running, Graphika Manila once more brings together Manila’s creative minds to listen to inspiring stories and celebrate the works of the best multimedia and graphic designers from the Philippines and from around the globe. Simply put it as a creative symposium with speakers from different fields of the creative arts. The conference focuses on the creative side of design, rather than technology.”

It was an awesome experience (for a first-timer) and I will definitely look forward to GM in the coming years. This event was good in terms of the line-up of the speakers and theme. If this had a class grade, I’d give it a 10/10!

The first three we’re PINOY Graphic Designers who are already internationally known and because I woke up late we missed the first speaker which is the duo from Create.PH but I saw their PPT in my friend's camera.

Snippet of’s talk.
When we arrived in the venue Jerome Austria was already talking. (Damn it!) He’s a creative director and he has worked with Nike, Coca-cola, and even Superbowl! We were impressed by the commercials he showed us.

"Good Times, Pare!" -Jerome Austria
Another local artist, JP Cuison, showcased his gig posters which were breathtakingly beautiful. His works are very pop art-ish but in a Pinoy way.

"Kapag gusto ko yung banda mura lang singil ko, kapag hindi ko gusto mahal." -JP Cuison (When asked how he price his works during Q&A.)
Hydro74 “The motherfucker speaker” he’s so cool and all. Some of his clients include Nike, Adidas, Lucas Films, Levis, Harley Davidson, among many others. Tattoo-ish style. And a cool fucker.

“I actually don’t fucking know what Philippines is.” -Hydro74
“We had a tour w/this guy Carlos. I’ve learned so much & have so much respect for the PH that if anyone talks shit, I’ll fight em” -Hydro74
Psyop was next and we were amazed by the graphics. Gerald Ding, the speaker, was handsome. Hahaha.
"We just wanna make cool shit." -Pysop
Droga5 is an independent advertising network. Tired and sleepy during his presentation but the videos he showed us? Dope!

“Its about letting others take control and letting creativity run riot.” -Droga5
Gmunk The TRON Legacy dude. He showed us the behind-the-scenes of Tron’s graphics. And the shocking video of a monkey. Hahaha! Really funny!

“If you’re a hungry motherfucker, freelancing is the way to go.” -GMunk
My friend and I we’re laughing the whole time because they didn’t seem like super elite people at all. The ones who are so hard to reach. They seem simple people! That’s why I liked them so much.

Weird humor aside, I really learned a lot this year! Apathetic/condescending as I sound, I always get all giddy and motivated to be better at what I love doing by attending these kind of events. Hopefully, I’d be able to attend next year as well!