Graphika Manila Part 2

Once Graphika Manila finished, a lot of people lingered around to talk with the speakers - by that I mean, swarm in huge crowds to get their stuff signed. (Some of them were so aggressive though to the point of pushing, them and their raging tits.) Yes, I also did the customary sign-my-art-book-pleasy after the event plus a picture with the speakers. (I'll post them soon.)

Signed art book by the speakers. :)

On to the freebies. Conference kit, I must say. I really love these cool stuff they gave!

The GM book, with a wide collection of amazing artwork submissions, from illustrations to photography. Good for inspirations! Next year I’ll try to submit an artwork.

We got these awesome GM stickers. Now the problem is, it’s too beautiful, I can’t even use these. Hahaha! And I must say, the baller is of good quality.

How could we miss the ballpen? This is a very rare freebie. Hahaha! Just keddeng!

E-Certificate of Attendance.

So all these freebies were in this bag. There were some ad posters and the like.

Overall, the conference was worth the pay(and day!). For P1,750 (We were able to get the ticket for P1,550 for early buyers.), you could listen to the inspiring talks and see the works of these professional designers from all over the globe. ~Awkward End~