Dear awesome writers over the internet,

You know who you are. I just want to say that I envy all of you. No. I guess, the right thing to say is, I want to be like you. I find it amazing that you have a lot to say about anything and everything. You view things in a different perspective (oh yeah, a lot of people try to, but you’re the ones who succeeded). When you say something, when you try to express yourself, you do it intellectually, which makes me and other people admire you more. You gain readers because they want to learn from you, or they want to know about your ideas, or maybe they just want to copy your great ideas. But, whatever. What you have in you is like magic. A magic that brings out the best in people, changes things, influences the society, and even the whole world. Your words are your own power, your ideas can break any walls. I sound like a flatterer, but that’s how I see you. You are the bloggers I really look up to.

I want to be like you because I’m reckless in decision-making most of the time. I mean, if I could be a good writer, I would be able to make right decisions, the way I choose the right and precise words. I could have a wider view about things. I could stand up for myself because I am rational. The words that would come out of my mouth are sensible. I want to be like you because I want to be mature and intellectual in every way. I want my presence to be of power and influence.

It’s not because I want to be famous. Well, that goes along with it. When you have the talent, you become famous. But, what I really want to achieve, maybe, is consistency, and another one, maturity in dealing with a lot of things. You can’t say that an article is good if it lacks consistency, if its ideas are going nowhere. I want to be someone who is not easily driven by other’s opinions. I want to be strong in every choices I make, provided that I base my choices on what is right. I want to be a real grown-up too, not just by age, but by heart, by mind, by soul. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m still saying the right thing, say for instance this part of my blog-entry.

Moving on (yeah, it’s a lifelong cliche. It’s hard to get stucked on some worthless stuff, so you always have to move on), people want to be great for some reasons. I still haven’t found my purpose in life, but my parents always tell me to do great. In a way, being great is self-satisfying. But I guess it’s more than that. I have never been great for the rest of my life, and I want to try it, for once.

Your avid fan forever,

I’m not a ninja. I’m your cyberstudent, and you’re just unaware of it.