Pseudo-Rich Kids

I know this post is super late but hey you know what they say, better late than never! :)

I grew up in a family on the ragged edge of the middle class. So, when I was asked to go to Greenbelt 
3 and Sofitel Philippine Plaza to see what high class cafes and hotels like, I was extremely happy. We decided to eat our light snack at Mr. Rockefeller before we head off to Sofitel. The place was deserted and we were the only customers left after the three businessmen finished their meal. The restaurant itself is definitely the best place to have business meetings in. It has a not-so noisy environment, lots of space from table to table and most of the chairs are as big as sofas.
The interior were beautifully crafted and had the Mobster movie feeling.
The interior were beautifully crafted and had the Mobster movie feeling.
Our light snack turned into full and heavy snack! I never thought that their serving was big. We actually were able to talk about a lot of things, I guess the ambiance was nice for long conversations. If ever I’ll go back to Mr. Rockefeller, I’ll try out their oysters. The restaurant was named after it for a reason. Even though the delicious Vanila Milkshake and Rockerfeller Cheeseburger won’t be forgotten.
130Php Vanilla Milkshake. Worth it!
Since, I’m a fan of burgers with melted mozarella cheese I decided to try their Rockefeller Cheeseburger.
A half-pound burger.
After we ate at Mr. Rockefeller we roam around the Greenbelt 3 for awhile to digest our food. While roaming around the place, it got me thinking that so much money is spent on place like this beautiful shopping mall, but a very limited number of people can enjoy it to the fullest. The mall were surrounded by brands like Hermes, Prada, Gucci, Kenneth Cole, Emporio Armani, etc. It’s obvious that the mall was created for luxury.
It’s has a different atmosphere. You could easily convince yourself you’re in Singapore or Hong Kong or even the U.S. The scent of privilege is in the air, and merchants know that smell; hence, the eyepopping prices.
The sun was already setting when we arrived at Sofitel Philippine Plaza, a five star luxury hotel in Manila. Opening the door reveals the most luxurious ambience Sofitel Manila has to offer where some of the most famous international celebrities like Antonio Banderas and others have stayed. It was fit for royalty, celebrity and heads of state even the lobby already seem to be transporting you to a new word of elegance and grandeur. We wandered around the hotel for about an hour. We hanged out in Sofitel’s garden area first. We found some lounge chairs and enjoyed the cool sea breeze, it was really relaxing.
The view of the sea and sunset is spectacular. There is also a restaurant where you can buy delectable treats while enjoying the view.
The pool looks inviting!
Le Bar is the temporary buffet while Spiral is under renovation. The place is unusually dim-lighted compared to other buffets in the Metro. Since we’re still full with all the food we devoured in Mr. Rockefeller. We just ordered refreshing iced coffee, mocha frappe and iced mint green tea.
The serene and sophisticated ambience of this lobby bar with live entertainment. 

We also found out Galette’s truffles and hocolates. Galette’s have unique and weird fusions of chocolate, several flavors have alcohol content. Some have a Filipino or Asian feel which I’m curious and a little scared to try. 

The designs are upscale withexceptional decoration, usually a gold leaf o rchocolate adornment shaped like a heart, spiral or random squiggle lines. The drawbacks of these lovely cakes are the price and the size. Approximately only 5 inches in diameter, the cakes are priced at 735Php
Flavors include Salabat Praline, Yema Cashew, Sesame Wasabi Praline, Basil Praline, Honey Praline, and more.

Just having a tour inside Sofitel Philippine Plaza was already an experience, more so to actually stay there and experience even just a night of French luxury.