Where Will You Be?

It’s been a while since my last real entry. I admit I have been neglecting this blog for obvious reasons -school, friends, among other things - and I will not apologize for having a life. But now it’s the break and I have all the time in the world, most of which I've spent on the couch, watching The Walking Dead and my billion other TV shows. I can’t procrastinate any longer if I want to keep this blog alive, so here it is, my October entry.

The first semester brought me good tidings. My ambition to graduate college with Latin honors is still alive but barely breathing - I have to work my hardest for the next three semesters, with discipline and focus, anything can be achieved.

At this point in time, I honestly don’t like to imagine life without school. Life without school means corporate world. It means a shit load of responsibilities. It means a shit load of people expecting too much from you. I cringe whenever I think of my future. What will happen? Where will I be months from now? As I prepare for the next semester and my upcoming internship, I’m also discreetly counting down to the end of March. I’m torn between not wanting the school year to end and wanting March to come, and come quick. But March is a long way off, and there’s nothing I can do now but enjoy and live in the moment. I have another difficult yet fantastic (I’m sure it will be) semester ahead of me.

Also, I've realized how undisciplined I've become when it comes to my eating habits, and that has resulted in a huge weight gain. I keep untagging myself in pictures because I feel like I've become too ugly big, which is why I've decided to go back to counting calories, at least for the next two months. I’ll do this slowly, under regulation and again, with full focus and discipline. I can do this. Tiwala lang.

While the remaining one week of my semestral break will be all about lounging on the living room couch while watching TV shows and preventing myself from eating the delicious things, I am excited for the incoming semester because of the new adventures that await me. I have a feeling that the next six months will be the most emotionally fucked up I will ever have.