Ronac Art Center

It was my first time in Ronac Art Center and I was surprised how pretty it is inside! It’s definitely for the artsy! And for those looking for a nice place to have a shoot, you might want to check this out.
This is a haven for art enthusiasts. Every pillar, every structure was well thought of. 
One of my favorites was the spiral staircase.
They also have the artsiest fartsiest CBTL!
Secret Fresh. You dont need any more description but it’s a toy store with books and little nicknacks.

There’s also something secret. Just past the double doors next to the counter are stairs up to a private gallery. Well not so private if you go to the openings but if you didn't know, you’d miss the cool part of the building.

JP Cuison's paintings from the "Warhol vs Lichtenstein" show.
Lights by the stairs!:)
PBA's San Miguel Coffee-Mixers having their practice-game.

We also spotted James Yap and Alvin Patrimonio. :)

Ronac Art Center is a place artists would certainly enjoy or for those who just want to go somewhere different. Trust me, you'll find delight in every nook. :)