Wreck This Journal: The Beginning

So I’ve bought myself a little book of wonder. After coming across this book, Wreck This Journal, with my friend, we decided we had to have it! The thing that makes this book unique is explained within the title, and on the title page’s tag line; to create is to destroy. Essentially, this book is filled with instructions on how to creatively, and might I add, effectively, destroy it. I read through some of the pages, and sort of cringed. Certain things the author wants me to do to the book, is almost heartbreaking. Compost it? Shower with it? Scribble all over the cover? Lick it? Ummm, no. But the book does say that instructions are open for interpretation, so of course I will find another creative way to destroy this book without being completely ridiculous. Haha! I’m ready to go! I’ve already decided that this is going to be a lot of fun.

I’ll be updating as I complete the book. :)