The Mark of Athena

For starters, let me say that I missed Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper and the rest of the characters while I waited for Mark of Athena to be released. And let me tell you that the latest addition to the series did not disappoint.

The novel has several POV's - Percy, Annabeth, Piper and Leo. It made me extra excited to read the novel well. What kept me intruiged and interested in the story the entire time was that each and every person had a different mission. Annabeth had to find the Mark of Athena, Jason and Piper went to find the cornucopia, and Hazel, Frank and Leo had to go and save Nico, to name a few. What was even better was how Rick Riordan managed to balance it all out, so that there wasn't too much of one, or too little of another. Each character was given equal time in the spotlight, something that I like whenever a book has different POV's.

Anyway, I love the use of Roman and Greek mythology. The fact that they actually have to go to Rome is fantastic. There were some great appearances in this one. I absolutely loved Narcissus, Hercules, and Chrysaor. And the fact that the Romans literally stole Athena blew my mind. The way Annabeth saved her was so brilliant, even by Annabeth's standards.

Don't even get me started on the ending. I'm still in shock. Annabeth and Percy stuck in Tartarus? I know that they'll help each other to keep their sanity, but still! Is it October yet? I need House of Hades and I need it soon!