Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

The first trailer for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters trailer.

I was a big fan of the Percy Jackson series, they’re light, fast paced, easy reads and I was psyched when I heard they were going to do a film adaptation. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (which is a super long title lol) came in early 2010 and was a small success at the box office, but completely ruined the book losing out on many of the details that made it great. Simply put the movie was almost nothing like the book. I thought it was still a relatively fun popcorn flick, but I had to accept the fact that it lost a lot of things from the book.

I’m glad to see that with Sea of Monsters they’re starting to adhere closer to the book. It is odd that they couldn’t bring back Pierce Brosnan as Chiron considering he’s a big character in the books. Other than that it’s nice to see that they’re actually bringing in details/characters that SHOULD have been introduced in the first movie such as the Oracle and Clarisse.

Unfortunately, the polish of this film seems to be lacking. The CGI and big effects heavy pieces don’t look very convincing at all. I’m curious as to what the budget of this film was and if they tried to keep costs lower than The Lightning Thief in case this film doesn't make money at the box office. I’m probably going to end up checking this film out just because I’m a fan of the series and want to see how this turns out (plus, it has Nathan Fillion! I mean come on, it’s Nathan Fillion!). Hopefully it’s better than the trailer suggests and we get a fun popcorn flick, that’s all I ask!