Internship '13

The first thing that I noticed when I began my internship at Draftfcb was the commitment that each individual showed towards their work. This, in turn rubbed off on me and I was naturally prepared to work sincerely in all my tasks. Another interesting thing was the way the agency functioned. It did not act as an advertising agency, but rather as a strategy partner with the clients. The company has strict policies on non disclosure of client data and would not share such information that may be reproduced in the future for any purpose.

The entire duration of 3 weeks that I spent as an intern with the company, I felt no different from the employees. I was welcome and acknowledged from time to time on my tasks completed. At the end of the internship, I know now how an advertising agency works in modern day businesses. It develops creative strategies for clients, work on building a brand as their own and see to it that everything falls in place right from the tagline to the poster to the television commercial and final positioning of the brand.