Don Day Fresh

Their buffet is classified into two variants: Samgyeopsal(Php299) which I think has the similarity of Yakiniku, and the Don-Day Buffet(Php199) which is the same as your average buffet where everything is served on a spread table and you just have to pick up the food of your preference.

This branch in Timog has air conditioning and well ventilated with the electric fans too. The area was medium-sized, probably more or less than ten long tables. The staff are always prompt on refilling the drinks and meat on our table, and even providing water and ice when needed.

Koreans have one of the healthiest diets around, vegetables are served fresh and crunchy. And you can tell if it's an authentic Korean restaurant if there are a lot of Korean dining in.

Fresh meats in thin slices are served. If you're not familiar on how it's eaten, you can eat it together with a Ssamjang(chili paste, soybean paste, and sesame oil) or Gireumjang (salt, pepper, and sesame oil), enclosing it up with a leaf of lettuce and you're good to go. I tried mine with the soybean paste which makes the taste of the meat more flavorful. I also add shiso leaves that leaves a mint aftertaste which is also available in the buffet.

Some of the Korean dishes in the buffet were worth trying too. They don't really have a very extensive selection, but I guess the basics are there such as kimchi, fried rice, and jeons. I especially loved their Capchae and Tangsuyuk. The Chapchae was not that oily and was perfect. And I have an adoration for sweet and sour pork, so I liked the Tangsuyuk, which was the Korean version of the dish.

Aside from the ones mentioned, I thought the other dishes available were not bad. Their kimchi was pretty good. Their other appetizers such as nuts, Kangnamul or bean sprouts and mini potato balls were sure fun to munch on. I guess the fried selections such as spring rolls, cucumber Tempura, pajeons, kyeranmal, are not to be missed.

The tteokbokki's sauce was a bit bland. The other dishes they had that I wasn't too familiar with were pretty nice too. They had this viand that looked like Afritada which I liked.